I’m a psychologist who doesn’t believe in therapy. After a few decades working with people to help improve some aspect of their lives, it dawned on me that I never “treated” anyone.


What I do is listen to people tell me their story and I point out what seems quite obvious to me about what they don’t see. It’s not that I have magical powers, I just have seen this movie before and I know how it ends. I’m sure a wise friend could do exactly what I do.


I have often told my clients that I want the best for them and from them. My personal philosophy is just that simple. Helping people to do or give their best is my goal. Period.


I have reached such an advanced age that I don’t want to waste time, mine or anyone else’s. If it seems obvious to me that someone is avoiding doing something that they should be doing for themselves, or their organization, it’s my responsibility to tell them. Some people find that refreshing, other people would rather talk about it. That is my style.


I’m usually hired by companies to do one of three things; give motivational speeches, facilitate seminars, provide executive coaching.

Secrets of the Obvious

by Harry Cohen

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